5 Reasons Why Multi Channel Inventory Management for Amazon and eBay selling is Important?

I have been selling on eBay and Amazon for over 5 years. When I start with Amazon only, managing my inventory was simple. All I had to focus was to update my Amazon inventory. As my business grown, I was ready to expand to eBay. First, two years on eBay was manageable, however as my sales and business increase on the eBay platform, managing my inventory between Amazon and eBay was becoming more challenging. Items would sometimes sell faster on eBay overnight and I would need to move inventory from Amazon to eBay. The number issue that really frustrates me is the slow eBay seller’s interface that I have to deal with. I know it might be a few seconds to update, but each second adds up. Sometimes, I would have stocks that magically sell out. I would tell myself, “I counted them, not once but two times. Why there’s still a mistake?” From my experience, I believe is that you might have pending orders that was not seen. So back to the main topic.

My 5 reasons why is multi-channel inventory management important?

  • Reducing the number of quantity of an item – I no longer have to purchase extra quantities to cover across all my platforms.
  • Out of stock items can be known under one platform.
  • The last quantity issues.
  • Allowing me to have more cash flow for newer inventory.
  • Time saved is money earned.

Those are my top reasons. Let us hear your reasons for an inventory management. Comment below.

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