Why is Inventory Synchronization Important for Your Business?

Cloud Based

Inventory synchronization is all down in the cloud. Your computer is not needed to be on 24 hours to do the work.

Synchronize Across Different Platforms

Inventory synchronization made easy. Simply add your SKU to the system and let the magic happen.

*Currently only supporting Woocommerce, Amazon, and eBay*

Wash your Business Grow
Minimize your stock and maximize your sales and profits.

So how does it work?

Input your Platform Data

Give us permission to manage your platform such as eBay and Amazon.

Link your SKUs

Linking your SKUs with our system.

Checking and Sync

Our system will check for your inventory across all your platforms specified to us and sync them together.


Focus on your products and delivery.

Sounds good, what's the price?

Free 🙂