How to connect eBay to IOGot?

To connect your eBay selling account, follow the following steps:

  1. Log in to your dashboard.
  2. Go to Account –> Settings
  3. Click on “Add Platform”
  4. Select eBay XML
  5. Click on “Authorize eBay”
  6. Log in using your eBay account and Agree to the terms and services.
  7. Now it should bring your the connected message page.
  8. Done.

eBay is connected, however, I could not add my eBay SKUs.

You first need to allow our server to fetch your eBay items first. To fetch your eBay items, go back to setting and below the page of your eBay Auth Token, you will be able to fetch your items. The reason fetching is required because eBay tracks your items by their item ID, not by SKU.

My fetching is complete, however, I could not add this item.

Due to eBay switching to their new system. Some item will not be fetched. Therefore you will need to go to Tool –> eBay XML –> Add SKU to add your unfetched item. You may add your item after that.

I do not want to fetch all my items into IOGot database.

You may do it manually one by one at Tool –> eBay XML –> Add SKU. We recommend doing it this way so that you can organize your inventory properly. One reason is that eBay does not track your SKU, duplicate SKU can cause confusion and errors.

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